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Posting requesting multiple products with inAppPurchaseManager

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Documentation for inAppPurchaseManager is poor at best. Here’s how to initialize with multiple products:
window.plugins.inAppPurchaseManager.requestProductsData([“myproduct1”, “myproduct2”, “myproduct3”], function(feedback)
for (var c=0; c<feedback[0].length; c++)
console.log(“Succeded: “+feedback[0][c][‘id’]);

for (var c=0; c<feedback[1].length; c++)
console.log(“Failed: “+feedback[1][c]);

inAppPurchaseManager and config.xml

Monday, August 26th, 2013

Just a short note because I found it nowhere else on the net:

If you’re getting this error:
ERROR: Plugin ‘InAppPurchaseManager’ not found, or is not a CDVPlugin. Check your plugin mapping in config.xml.

You’ll need these magic words to integrate inAppPurchaseManager into your config.xml:
<feature name=”inAppPurchaseManager”>
<param name=”ios-package” value=”InAppPurchaseManager”/>