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We never told you… Testing Facebook ads

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

I’m currently trying to promote my new mobile augmented-reality-game. Which is a lot harder than I expected it to be. So I tried to advertise it. I published a post on Facebook with an animated GIF which reached 41 persons. Not much.

We never told you (Augmented reality)
We never told you: Youtube ⋅ iOS ⋅ Android

Then I invested $10 and tried promoting this post to people with interests that I selected. The results a pretty difficult to interpret. Facebook spreads the statistics over several places (in tiny windows) and basically avoids all industry standard terms. Instead they use terms that I can’t find definitions for. So I ‘reached’ 2.164 persons, but only 1.087 saw the video?

And some things don’t match at all. The average playing time was 4 seconds. With 1087 videos played, the total time should be around 72 minutes. But Facebook says it’s 171 minutes.

A lot of open questions. But what about the actual results? If you convert them to industry-standards, my results are:

  • CPM: 4,69$ / 9,20$ (persons/video plays)
  • CPC: 1,25$
  • CPA: -                  (meaning: no sales)

Not very good. Maybe this works better for other products or maybe I did something wrong, but I don’t think that I’ll continue this experiment… 😉