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Using for promotions

Monday, March 29th, 2010

When doing a promotion or sending links by e-mail, it’s nicer to have short, speaking links like instead of the normal link monsters. You might implement this on your server as folder name (polluting your folder structure) or use the htaccess file (where a mistake can kill the entire server).

But I suggest a simpler solution: Use a 404 error page script.

Most hosting companies allow you to specify a custom 404 (“not found”) error page. This page can also be a script. And the script can check if the requested URL is your promotion code and then redirect to your real page.

This can also keep you from typing (or writing on paper) long product URLs. I have set up shortcuts for all my products. If I want someone to have the link of the 1-Click Duplicate Delete for Outlook page, I can simply write this link:
Instead of:
(Which is so long that some mail clients print into 2 lines, effectively breaking it.)

Here’s the PHP script for that:

if (getenv("REQUEST_URI")=='/1cddo')
 header ('Location:

Tree development

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

No, not talking about trees in the terms of computer science this time. Real ones. This blog is taking part in my “a blog, a tree” project. Just by blogging about this and using this button, a tree gets planted for this blog:
My blog has planted a pine tree.

If you have a blog, you’re invited to take part, too. No cost for you, I’m paying the bill here. So, if you’re having a feeling that you should do something for the environment, join it and get your blog a tree: A blog, a tree

Amazing customer feedback…

Monday, March 15th, 2010

For one of my projects I have implement a system that handles crashes, reports technical details to me and asks the customer “which program function (hotkey or name in the menu) did you just use?

So far, the answers to this question have often been amazingly useless. For example one customer just wrote: “CRASHED AGAIN! no obvious reason…“. The data shows however that the customer was right in the middle of importing a project.

Yeah, no obvious reason. Customers are only humans, I guess. And some of them more than others…