Running multiple WordPress blogs with one installation

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  1. Multiple Listings Says:

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  2. Lea Says:

    Is there be a way to add new domains to an already functioning wordpress installation? Your code works great, but I don’t want to lose everything that’s on my original site that’s currently on the wordpress installation. Wouldn’t a new install of wordpress delete all my current data and information?

  3. admin Says:

    Lea, that depends on your hosting company. For my server I can simply add a new domain or subdomain to the same account and let its root path point to the existing wordpress installation. That way nothing is lost and I can run multiple blogs with one installation.

  4. Lea Says:

    I’m showing how new I am to this with my following question. On my basic hosting plan I have one database and allowed one add on domain and one subdomain. I already had setup and running for several months. I just added as an add on domain.

    Its listed in my server files as home/nameid/public_html/ My problem is the redirect, I can’t figure out where it should be redirected to in order to initialize installation.

    Previously, acting under a misconception of the procedure, I got an installation command with the code you provided and installed onto my previously installed wordpress database, but I couldn’t access, so I removed the code from the config file in order to get that working again.

    I know installation is still on the database because it shows up in my plugin stats for the database.

    Database statistics

    mynewdomain_comments 0 Bytes 228 Bytes 6.14 kB 228 Bytes
    mynewdomain_links 1 140 Bytes 528 Bytes 4.10 kB 388 Bytes
    mynewdomain_options 101 5.66 kB 571.96 kB 10.24 kB 536 Bytes
    mynewdomain_postmeta 45 Bytes 228 Bytes 7.17 kB 0 Bytes
    mynewdomain_posts 14 452 Bytes 6.33 kB 6.14 kB 0 Bytes
    mynewdomain_term_relationships 21 Bytes 378 Bytes 3.07 kB 84 Bytes
    mynewdomain_term_taxonomy 2 42 Bytes 84 Bytes 3.07 kB 0 Bytes
    mynewdomain_terms 2 36 Bytes 72 Bytes 8.19 kB 0 Bytes
    mynewdomain_usermeta 7 89 Bytes 628 Bytes 7.17 kB 0 Bytes
    mynewdomain_users 1 96 Bytes 96 Bytes 4.10 kB 0 Bytes
    mycurrentblog_comments 228 Bytes 228 Bytes 6.14 kB 0 Bytes
    and etc.

    Since is already added to my server under home/nameid/public_html/, I’m confused as to where I should redirect it to before replacing your code in the config and be able to access both domains.

    Could you possibly help me with this?

  5. admin Says:

    Lea, with the current configuration you can only run it with a second wordpress which is ugly, because you have to keep both installations up-to-date.

    If you want one single wordpress, then you need to change the root-folder of That’s nothing that you can do a file system level. If your hosting company gives you an administration panel, look there. Otherwise contact your hosting company.

  6. Lea Says:

    Thank you for your quick response. I figured I might have to upgrade. As far as administration panel, I have C panel and PhPmyadmin, but I suspect those are not what you are talking about.

    If that’s the case, then I have to upgrade my hosting service. *sigh*