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Fix: Breakpoints in wrong lines (=offset) in Visual Studio 2012

Friday, December 11th, 2015

Just had a very weird issue in VS2012 which cost me about an hour, so maybe this helps others.

When I placed breakpoints in a certain file, they more in fact displayed one line *below*. Sometimes even in blank lines. And often they didn’t work. This happened only in one file and only after a certain function. I tried a lot of things regarding the function, but that didn’t help.

It turned out that somehow the newlines codes for wrong here. If you look at the file in a hex editor, newline codes are normally:

At the problem location it was only:

And that seemed to cause headaches to VS. Copying the entire text into an alternative editor and then back again fixed the file.

Taking a shortcut

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

A simple trick to make work a bit easier. Whenever you have folder with a few files and you often need to run a certain program or change to another folder afterward working with the files, create a Windows shortcut in this folder.


The Easy2Sync for Outlook configuration files are in this folder. Whenever I have to mess with them (delete them for a clean-start-test , for example) I will usually want to run Easy2Sync for Outlook afterwards. That’s why I created a shortcut to the program in this folder.

Simple and yet helpful.