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Google correlates with county jail

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

By accident I stumbled across a new Google trick called Google Correlate which looks for data that correlates with the search term that you enter. I didn’t really know what this is good for, so I just entered “Google”. And guess what: Google correlates with county jail.

Like all statistical data, it’s up to the reader to interpret it.


Google Correlate


Being online in Jersey

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

I didn’t expect much when I searched for an option for mobile internet access in Jersey (Channel Islands). It wasn’t really important since our B&B had WiFi. And for such a tiny country I didn’t expect much competition and thus bad service from the telcos.

Wrong. So wrong.

Mobile internet access is ridiculously cheap and easy in Jersey. In fact the only problem was finding out where they sell it (Jersey Telecom, 18 Queen Street, St Helier; Mo-Sa 9:00-17:30). I paid only £9.99 for 1GB of traffic. I wish mobile internet in the Netherlands was that cheap. 😉

And it worked just wonderful. No technical problems (like in Scotland), almost no coverage problems (as in Spain) and no trouble with the charging (as in the Netherlands). Great.

Website monitoring against hacking

Friday, February 20th, 2009

A brilliant idea codes from Google’s “Official Google Webmaster Central Blog“. If your site gets hacked you might not notice it until it’s to late. And it can be a lot of work to check your site each day.

So Google suggests to use Google Alerts to scan your site on a regular base for common malware terms by searching for something like “ viagra OR casino OR porn OR ringtones”.

It’s not a 100% solution but I’d say it’s pretty good and quick to set up.